India 2007 (Scenes from Laxman Jhula; Prem Baba, Maharajji)


Shri Prem Baba from Brazil, attained enlightenment, through the encounter and the grace of His Guru, Sri Sri Hans Raj Maharajji, three years after receiving the Gurumantra from him. Since then he has been spreading the teachings of the Sachcha Lineage to his disciples, and receiving people from all over Brazil and several other countries of the world who look to him to receive his blessings and advice. As a Spiritual Master He works on behalf of the Universe, awakening God in people and establishing social values. He works by building bridges between worlds, for example, between science and spirituality, between the Western and Eastern worlds. He has founded the Sachcha Mission  Ashram – a Center for Universal Enlightenment in Brazil.

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Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and the Worldwide Spiritual Transformation  


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The Golden Path


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ShantiMayi – Teachings of Sacha undeniable Truth in all and the dharma therein

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World Wide Gayatri Mantra Light Circle
Participate in chanting the Gayatri Mantra for the enlightenment of all beings.

World Wide Medicine Buddha Healing Circle
The purpose of this world-wide healing circle is to send healing to friends, relatives… or anyone we know who is in need of healing. Participation is done by chanting the Medicine Buddha Mantra with specific focus/intention for that person, in groups or individually, aloud or silently.

In Our Hearts We Know
Information about ShantiMayi’s book. A look inside the book and where to purchase it.

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