Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba — The Worldwide Spiritual Transformation of Consciousness

Transforming Spiritual Consciousness

     Shri Sacha Baba Maharajji         


 “During this Kali Yuga, Om Namo Shivaya [also pronounced “Om Nama Shivaya”] is the most powerful and fruitful mantra. So in the present period of time, the easiest way to attain spiritual as well as material goals is to pray to Shiva for just one hour every day.”   [Sacha Baba Maharajji at the Shivaratri festival, February 2009]

    Shri Sacha Baba Maharajji  (Shri Hans Raj Maharajji) is a realized Master whose ashram is to be found in the tiny village of Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh in India. He is a great saint of the Sacha lineage dedicated to helping humanity in the great spiritual transformation of consciousness (Parivartan in Sanskrit) which is now taking place. This rise in the spiritual consciousness of man is a necessary prerequisite to entering the coming era, one of more sharing and brotherhood which the new energies coming down on the Earth since the middle of the 19th century are now bringing in. Whether we know about it or not, whether we believe it or not, this new era is at our doorsteps and one must harmonize with the new energies in order to be able to live in this coming period of time. Since his enlightenment in 1955, Maharajji Sacha Baba has dedicated his life to this goal.

The Parivartan or Great Spiritual Transformation


  From the beginning of time, the Earth as well as the universe have been created, maintained and transformed through certain energies which condition them. Humanity, being a part of this whole, is also governed by these energies, and its development — physical, mental and spiritual goes through different stages as different energies make their influence felt according to the cycle of time which is unfolding. These cycles of time follow one another as the seasons of the year do, and so they determine the path of development which man, as well as the whole planet takes. After the development of the physical body, the emotions and then that of the mind which is the seat of the outer personality, it is now time for the development of spiritual consciousness, where the soul — seat of the higher Self — will be able to clearly express itself through the heart, which represents it. (This topic has already been explained in some detail in a preceding article, Help Along the Way in Humanity as a Collective Disciple.) During the present Kali Yuga, there will be a period of time where man will become more spiritual and turn to God.

 The energies which will bring about this spiritual change started coming down on Earth from the middle of the 19th century. However, before the new era comes fully into being, there is presently a period of transition which could be dangerous for man, if he does not adapt quickly enough to these new energies. This is because they push him in the direction of more spirituality, living through one’s heart, and being less egotistic, while many prefer to continue a selfish, materialistic way of life. Those who do not harmonize with these energies will be swept away by the resistance offered to them just like a person trying to swim against an extremely strong current of water, since they are very powerful, and have shaped everything which exists and consequently cannot be fought against. These people could behave so negatively that they could create problems for others in their sphere of influence. A good example of this is the two World Wars in the 20th century.


 Other examples are more difficult to understand but are just as true: the thoughts of man influence nature, and so volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, for example, which are natural happenings, are however more and more frequent and destructive because of the negative destructive energy created. If our thoughts could become more harmonious, then there would be less negative energy to disrupt Nature. No energy is lost, not even the energy of our thoughts, so it would be better if they brought healing to the planet rather than destruction.


Sacha Baba Maharajji and the Parivartan

This great saint has spent the major part of his life working for the spiritual transformation of humanity’s consciousness. During those years he has continuously spoken about certain aspects of this shift of consciousness and has always made suggestions as to how to bring this about, in particular that everyone should practise some form of spirituality every day. For many long years, he and the other leaders of the Sacha lineage before him have constantly prayed to attenuate the effects of the energies so as to give humanity more time to adapt to them. During that time, they have prayed non-stop for man to become more spiritual. However, Maharajji now says that these changes can no longer wait, and their powerful work has already started.

Here are a few passages from Sacha Baba Maharajji’s speeches about the Parivartan:

    “A minimum of two or three hours a day should be devoted to God to be saved from coming disasters. This sadhana can be for example japa, satsangs, meditation on a verse from the Bhagavad Gita. Even one verse only communicates the essence of life. Do participate in satsangs.” [Guru Purnima Festival 2004]

      “These last thirty years, I have constantly been advising you to pray to God for at least an hour a day. My mission has nothing to do with any religion at all. It mainly consists in turning humanity to God, for that is the ultimate aim in life. Mahamaya (1) can no longer wait to start the transformation of the world. In this process, only fifty-two per cent of the population will survive. This process has already started and we are now witnessing disasters all over the world, whether in the form of devastating floods like in Gujarat or elsewhere, tsunamis, or senseless violence, everywhere in the world.

     Mahamaya will force people to turn to God by creating various problems through illnesses, personal tragedies, aeroplane crashes, natural disasters and similar things. We have asked Mahamaya to spare humanity from destruction from the atom bomb. August and September will be hard times.

     I therefore insist once more on the fact that you must pray at least one hour a day. That is the only way to avoid these disasters. But what is dramatic is that nobody comes to me to find divine peace in his heart. You all come for me to solve your personal material problems. Turn to God and pray!!!” [Guru Purnima Festival 2005]

  “In December 2004, Rajarshi, one of the disciples, was in Maharajji’s room. The Master was speaking with ShantiMayi when his attendant Rameshji came to inform the divine Guru that a very destructive tsunami had devastated the coasts of several countries in South-east Asia and the Indian ocean. Maharajji then said,

‘This dramatic event has been caused by men’s actions and thoughts. If only they could understand that and behave better! Otherwise I fear that worse may come. But, will they understand?’ ” (2)

                             Torch Bearers of the Sacha Lineage       

 Shri Kacha Baba 

At the beginning of the 1900s, there lived a very old, great saint in India, Shri Kacha Baba,  who was considered by many as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the avatar Rama. After devoting his life to helping on both the spiritual and material planes in order to prepare humanity for the new era coming in, he transmitted his spiritual powers in 1914, we are told, to Shri Sacha Baba Girnari who desired to pursue this task.


Shri Sacha Baba Girnari

Like Kacha Baba, Sacha Baba Girnari’s origin and age were unknown. He had appeared several times as a Master since Lord Krishna had left our world after the battle of Kurukshetra, and it is said that he was more than four hundred years old. He one day revealed to his personal secretary Diwakar Singh that he was Narada himself. It is said that Sacha Baba Girnari was the incarnation of both the Great Lord of Love and Wisdom — Vishnu and also that of the divine Rishi of Knowledge, Beauty and Teaching — Narada. This avatar devoted all his time and energy to helping to transform the spiritual consciousness of man all over the world. In India, he did not fail to address the lineage’s message of spiritual transformation to political leaders who were in a position to better the material conditions of their citizens so that they would then be able to turn their consciousness to God.


 Shri Sacha Baba Kulanandaji 

 On leaving this world in 1944, Girnari Baba expanded  himself into Swami Kulanandaji, his most prominent disciple, thus transmitting him his powers. This disciple then became Sacha Baba, since he incarnated the powers of his Master. Sacha Baba Kulanandaji was therefore thought to be both the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Rishi Narada. This avatar carried out such great work that he brought humanity closer to God, and left important tools that man can use to become a realized being.

The Present Torch Bearer of the Lineage
 Sacha Baba Maharajji (left) with the murti (statue) of Sacha Baba Kulanandaji

 One of Sacha Baba’s main disciple, Swami Hans Raji became enlightened in 1955. Later on, during a deep spiritual experience, he was told by the Divine Mother that he was Narada and Vishnu. On leaving this world in 1983, the Master transmitted him his powers, and Swamiji Hans Raj then became Sacha Baba in turn — Sacha Baba Maharajji (better known as Shri Hans Raj Maharajji). According to ShantiMayi, one of Sacha Baba Maharajji’s prominent disciples, Sacha Baba Kulanandaji used to say, “All are my hands and all are my feet. All are my ears and eyes, but Hans Raj, you are my heart.” Since then this avatar has been continuing the lineage’s work in leading the march towards the rise in man’s consciousness so that the transition into the new era will be as smooth as possible.

 He has several advanced disciples in India and the Western world. Among them, two Western disciples —realized Masters ShantiMayi  and Prem Baba travel the world with the message of spiritual advancement for humanity. During the winter months, they give satsangs at Maharajji’s ashram — Sacha Dham in Laxman Jhula.


1 Literally “The Great Illusion.” One of the manifestations of the Divine Mother as the separating veil between man and God. According to another meaning, it is the fact that man is subjected to a great illusion in this world as long as he has not attained enlightenment, from the spiritual point of view. He only sees the outer appearance of things and is not able to reach the Truth.

2 Taken from Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and the Dawn of a New Consciousness, by Ashvin Saptashishya, p.275]

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