Help Along the Way



Humanity as a Collective Disciple in this Era   

3. Help Along the Way






 Continuous Help from Avatars and Sages  

God has never abandoned man, however things may appear. He has periodically sent avatars from the beginning of time up to the present epoch in different countries to inspire and guide humanity. Wise men or Sages, called Masters, have never completely left the Earth, and their role is to carry out God’s plan on Earth and help humanity to do their part. They inspire humanity so that man will not be interested only in what the outer aspect of his being can bring him, but also the benefits of the higher Self and the spiritual world.  

They also do more than inspire. Certain avatars have, for example, have carried out special work on the inner planes so that humanity will more easily be able to have access to their higher Self, through their heart, and therefore to the higher spiritual planes also. Indeed, this had not always been the case before an opening was made in the veil of ignorance between the higher Self and and the lower or outer one.

  A modern example of this type of very high spiritual work is to be found in the work of Masters of the Sacha lineage, in particular that of Sacha Baba Kulanandaji (1910 – 1983). This great avatar has brought humanity closer to God. He has given man a particular mantra, Prabhu Aap Jago, which is chanted continually so as to raise the spiritual level of humanity and at the same time ensure that the basic necessities of life will be met for whoever connects with him or Masters of the Sacha lineage while seriously following spiritual practice of their own choice.


 They do a lot to help individuals and countries whenever they can. For example, Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba has continuously prayed so as to avoid a third world war, and has so far succeeded. Many may remember that not so long ago, it was common for many people to die of starvation in India. However, through the work of Sacha Baba Kulanandaji and Maharajji Sacha Baba, India has now become self-sufficient in food and even exports cereals. There are still poor people in India, but that is because the wealth of the country is not well distributed. Through his prayers, Maharajji has also been able to prevent nuclear disasters and major conflicts between the bigger nations. It must be said that their role is not to prevent man from learning through the use of free will. Thus they give advice so that we will live harmoniously, but such advice is rarely followed, and so we learn through trial and error, which is the origin of suffering on the Earth.


Learning to Live Harmoniously  

Humanity evolves by learning to make wise choices and so acquire wisdom. Making mistakes is also a part of the learning process, therefore it should not be seen as cruelty to leave man to learn the lessons of life through personal experience. He has the ability to connect with God, and unfortunately he does so mostly when he has lost all hope of finding any solution to very serious problems. What would be wise, is to follow spiritual laws, and connect with God continually, thus avoiding much of the suffering we experience.

If we take the example of a child, we see that it often falls and even hurts itself before being able to walk, and eventually run. We know it would not be wise or even healthy to prevent the child from walking simply because we do not want it to hurt itself. This is a part of growing up, and everybody goes through that stage. But the difference between the experience of small children in that situation and adult spiritual life is that since man is linked inwardly to the spiritual world in general and to his Heavenly Father, he can connect with Him to get advice so as to avoid many mistakes and dangers. Even our inner Self has enough wisdom to help us avoid a great part of the suffering we undergo.


Clearing the Path to the Heart  

However, not being used to living through their hearts, most people have the impression that unlike the concrete physical situation around them, there is nothing in the spiritual world with with they can interact, and so they do not even try. But they are wrong. The more one connects with the spiritual world, the more our hearts open and eventually we learn to discern the answer given to our prayers. We must admit that after spending many years and even lifetimes listening only to the outer self, with its never-ending stream of often noisy thoughts from the mind, our bodies and especially our minds are no longer apt to tune in to the whispers of the soul expressing itself through the heart.

It is not reasonable to expect to find a nice, clear asphalted road to drive on if for many years that road has been neglected. One might logically find bushes, trees and even rocks on it. Indeed, one may not even find any road at all, depending on how long it has been ignored and left to become bushland. Why then would it be different with the path to the heart? This path becomes blocked because of the predominance of the gross vibrations of the outer self with the thinking mind, ever ready to impose its thoughts. The heart becomes cluttered up with the idols of the day, and very little opportunity is given to the voice of the soul to express itself. Such a heart cannot transmit the inner voice which brings advice, answers or solutions to certain situations.


Going on to the Next Stage  

In such a situation, one may not even desire to change, for one finds this situation perfectly normal. Yet, in the spiritual domain, when we refuse to live according to spiritual laws, to listen to the voice of the heart and generally accept the fact that we are spirits living in a body which we use as a vehicle, we also act like Peter Pan who did not want to grow up. Humanity has reached the stage in its development where its heart needs to be opened so that man can go on to the next stage which is to live more fully as a spiritual being, instead of tarrying in the superficial pleasures and satisfaction of the mind and emotions of the outer self. The desire for these things is perfectly normal, for in growing up this is part of the natural process. But to remain forever in this state is not normal, for just as children become adults, humanity must continue the process of development which started with the physical, followed by the emotional aspect, then continued with the mental; it is now time to develop the spiritual aspect of man much more fully.


 This can explain why so many people are interested in spirituality today, not necessarily in a religious way, but with a view to living a harmonious life. Indeed, most people no longer have blind faith, since they are learning to think for themselves, and they want to understand the spiritual path they take. But with the new energies coming down on the earth now, it is not enough to be vaguely interested in spirituality, for that will not allow anybody to harmonize with them. Everything is vibration, and one must follow serious spiritual practice in order to raise one’s vibrations to those of the incoming energies.

 Each person must therefore live according to his heart, and learn to listen to the voice of the soul. Let us not forget that we are not alone. Our elder brothers, the Masters, watch over us and bring help whenever they can, if humanity wishes them to do so. Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba, leading the worldwide spiritual transformation, tells us that “Spirituality must be manifested by all, for God’s creation must become perfect. That is what saints work for, when they watch over humanity’s evolution, thus serving God. This evolution comes about in two ways: either easily and harmoniously when men cooperate with this transformation, or else difficulties will bring about this change. This is so not only for individuals, but also for nations.” (From Maharajji’s message at the Diwali festival, 28 October 2008)



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Life is beautiful and should be lived fully. Living through our hearts does bring sunshine into our lives. Let this also shine out.
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