Christmas Messages (summary) at Sacha Dham ashram, Rishikesh December 2008



Christmas Message from Maharajji, Prem Baba & ShantiMayi


Shri ShantiMayi                Shri Maharajji Sacha Baba                Shri Prembaba







Christmas Day is a day when the blessings of the Christ are poured down on the Earth in response to the call of humanity for peace and goodwill to all men at that particular time. Masters who work for the welfare of humanity receive this energy and redistribute it everywhere in the world. However, only those who open their hearts and harmonize with Christ or with those Masters are able to reap significant benefit from it. Here at Sacha Dham as usual, Christmas was celebrated, and this time two other Masters gave messages along with Maharajji Sacha Baba, the Master of the ashram. They are two of his disciples from the West who participe in the worldwide spiritual transformation with him, ShantiMayi and Prem Baba.


Follow the Example of Love

At about 11.30, Maharajji went to the hall to deliver his Christmas message. He was accompanied by ShantiMayi and Prem Baba. The disciples were both attentive and meditative, knowing that it was not just words which were going to be delivered, but also blessings. Maharajji reminded us that Jesus Christ had come for all mankind and insisted on the importance and universality of his message: that we should love one another. Even while he was being crucified, he told his disciples to love those doing him wrong just as much as they loved him. Maharajji repeated that we must love one another regardless of our different origins, and live as one family, also loving those who do us wrong. He concluded by saying that love is God and that this is the easiest way to attain realization.

Prem Baba then gave his message. He stressed the fact that although Jesus Christ was well-known for his great miracles, few people were able to see that the greatest miracle was the fact that he had accepted to die on the cross and still kept his compassion for others intact. Even while he was being crucified, he did not deviate from this love, and was even able to pray for his assassins, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He thus showed us the way, the way to love.

ShantiMayi pointed out that like his life, Jesus Christ’s birth also had a very strong signification. At this event, there was a guiding star which guided everyone to Him. That had something to do with us as Earth people, as a living family of the Earth, being of the Cosmos, that we open our hearts rather than just being Earth-bound; that we open our minds to the whole of the universe. This ideal has to do with the guiding star which came that day; we remember that He was born on this day which was a new beginning for the great power. And this great power should not be feared for it is the power of love which is in every single human being.


Receiving the Blessings

During the messages, the spiritual atmosphere became very charged and one’s heart felt touched and uplifted by “something”, which could be called “spiritual blessings”. Following the messages, bajans (devotional songs) were led by Indian disciples followed by bajans led by Western disciples. These songs, added to the messages opened our hearts, and many a tear was wiped away as our hearts overflowed. The following beautifully expresses the experience which a disciple had on a similar occasion :


On Christmas day all the foreigners were in the temple and most of them were disciples of ShantiMayi. Maharajji was present and his hands radiated a sort of energy in the form of white tear drops which entered all the participants alike.

Maharajji told us that to be in contact with him was enough to put our hearts into contact with his. This is what I think: it is not necessary to be physically at his side to feel his energy. ( Ascension, Spain)


Once again Christmas at Sacha Dham was a moment which transported us into the realm of the soul.   






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