The Temple of the Heart

Humanity as a Collective Disciple in this Era 
2. The Temple of the Heart
The Heart: a Sure Guide 

The heart is our inner temple. Just as the brain is the seat of intellectual life, in the same way the heart is the seat of our spiritual guidance, and we must therefore learn to hear the whispers of the soul with the ears of the heart, and see with the eyes of the heart in order to rise ever higher and reach our spiritual goal, which is the perfection of man and union with God.

  We Share the Same Soul

  As we have said, humanity is one body on the inner planes, sharing the same soul, and it is also a collective disciple going up the spiritual path little by little. One only needs to observe the great changes it has gone though since the days of cavemen, to realize this fact. Man as one body follows the same rules as individual disciples and so goes through different growing stages. At present, humanity, after having gained some mastery over its physical, emotional and mental aspects, now needs to turn its attention to developing the spiritual capacities of the heart. This will allow the soul to express itself more fully and little by little spiritualize the consciousness of man.

    New Energies for a Cycle of New Consciousness

  The heart is the inner temple to which we retire to find joy and inspiration in daily life, and solace in times of difficulty which never fail to come about. It is especially the sure guide which connects us to God and spiritual realities which are necessary to man’s spiritual development and general well-being. This is absolutely necessary at the present time because new energies are now coming down on the Earth, and so all human beings need to harmonize themselves with them in order to live comfortably, and even survive. These energies affect everyone – their influence being positive to those who have developed sufficient spiritual qualities, and negative to those who are still attached to a very materialistic way of being, which is totally incompatible with these energies.

   Indeed, they are of a higher nature than the ones before, for they are destined to usher in a new cycle for humanity, an era of higher spirituality. We know that everything is vibration, and so human beings also are vibration. Therefore, logically, if the vibrations of certain people are not in harmony with those of the new energies which are now pushing man up a higher rung of spirituality, then this conflict will create great difficulties in their lives.  

 The Heart is Not Enough

  Although the heart is the inner temple, it alone is not enough to bring man to finally realize his true nature. This so because of the duality within man. There is constantly a conflict of interests between the inner man and the outer man, and it is usually the latter which dominates. It is necessary to heed words of wisdom, or teachings from realized Masters who have gone that way and have won their immortality. These truths need to be practised so that both the inner and outer man will go in the same direction, as they are henceforth led by the soul. The final word is that no one can attain enlightenment without the help of a realized Master, for where the disciple is blind, the Master sees the path to follow and leads him from darkness to light, thus helping him to overcome obstacles which often he knows nothing about.  

 The Help of Avatars is Needed

  What is new, besides the energies spoken of above, is that the entire humanity needs to be taught, and led as one being up the path of spirituality in order to be ready in time for the new epoch. Individual teaching is no longer enough as time is running out in the effort to prepare man for the new cycle which is starting off.

 Great Beings, avatars are greatly helping at the present time by channelling the new energies and reducing their effect so that humanity can get used to them progressively. At the same time, they give spiritual guidance on the inner planes to help humanity acquire wisdom and make the right choices. We have seen how destructive the first two World Wars have been, and these avatars inspire humanity so that they may now choose the path of peace and understanding. Their help is of vital importance because humanity has greatly lost its spiritual values, and does not seem to be able to go in the right direction when left to itself.


   The Sacha Lineage: Leading this Transformation of Consciousness

There is presently a lineage of realized Masters leading this spiritual transformation of humanity’s consciousness – the Sacha lineage. Working through the Universal Soul, they inspire the entire humanity so that more and more, the world will become receptive to true spirituality, not only in words, but also in deed. They had been helping humanity on the inner planes for many cycles, and have now come back physically as avatars to guide man as safely as possible into this new cycle. At present, Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba of Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh in India is the Torch-Bearer of this lineage.



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