Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Book Review



TITLE        : Shri Hans Raj Maharajji and the Dawn of a New Consciousness
AUTHOR    : Ashvin Saptashishya
PUBLISHER: Sacha Hansa Books (2008, paperback, 339 pages)


This is an exceptional book which sheds light on how a particular lineage of realized Masters, the Sacha lineage of India, works in our modern world. It explains their goal of helping the entire world to acquire a new state of spiritual consciousness in order to meet the new standards set by the new energies coming down on the Earth and which push humanity into a new cycle of spiritual development. Indeed, we learn that humanity as one body goes through different stages of spiritual development and has now reached the point where it must enter a higher state of consciousness where there will be more brotherhood and sharing. This shift in consciousness, which is a necessary prerequisite, is called Parivartan in Hindi. A large part of the book is devoted to the present torch-bearer of the lineage, Shri Hans Raj Maharajji, who now leads this mission. This book should be read by all those who want to learn how a great spiritual Master helps his disciples up their spiritual path, and at the same time leads the spiritual transformation (Parivartan) of the world. 

The book is divided into five sections. 

Section 1. Here, at Sacha Dham ashram near Rishikesh, we meet Maharajji through the eyes of his disciples who recount experiences with him. We see how the Master intervenes in their lives and brings them help – whether this help be practical or spiritual. These very interesting leelas (cases of divine or miraculous intervention) range from healing, solutions found to general problems, to spiritual help or teaching and profound changes in consciousness. This section brings hope and encouragement in that we see that the Master guides all those who, with faith and love, connect with him, even from very far away, thus receiving his love, peace and spiritual upliftment. This is done through heart to heart contact.  

Section 2. Still through the eyes of his disciples, we learn how they met him. The stories told are just as engrossing as the first set of stories. Some disliked spiritual men, others had no wish at all to have a Master, one European had no wish to go to India, an Indian woman recognized Maharajji as her Master at her marriage; all these people and so many more, for different reasons, eventually found themselves at the Master’s feet. These stories also show the helping hand of the Master in their lives. Indeed, Maharajji directs them to their own hearts, and in so doing, to God, the one and only God to Whom all human beings are linked. The back cover of the book cites the following, which helps us to understand Maharajji’s spiritual link with his disciples.


One day, when I was forty-one years old I went to bed at home as usual. I laid down, relaxed with my eyes closed and suddenly a picture appeared in my third eye. I had never seen anything like this before. A very peaceful man with very strong, pure love appeared. He smiled in a heartfelt way and looked directly into my eyes. He was sitting on a chair, dressed in white and had a long beard. I could see his upper body. After that, I woke up. I was very touched and wondered who this man was and what it meant,” says Monika from Switzerland  

 Later on, she did indeed meet Maharajji during a trip to India and became his disciple like many others from the five continents  

Section 3. Here we meet the first known Masters of the lineage for the contemporary period –Kacha Baba, Sacha Baba Girnari and Sacha Baba Kulanandji, Maharajji’s Master. We see the contribution of these first three Masters from the beginning of the 20th century up to 1983. They laid down the modern foundations of the task to raise the spiritual consciousness of humanity. They also guided disciples while carrying out their worldwide work. In this section also there are several anecdotes which help us to get to know them and their work.  

Section 4. This section gives a sketch of Maharajji’s life and work. It includes the heart of his message to man, for Maharajji works above all for the entire humanity. His message is therefore beyond religions, and stresses the necessity to turn our hearts back to God, Who is Love, in order to be in harmony with the new state of consciousness now coming in. We follow him through his childhood up to the time he dedicates himself to the Universal Good, where his life takes a radical turn one October day in 1955. He had gone to be healed of a chronic illness which was sapping his life; God asked him to heal the entire humanity … 

Section 5. Here we get to know ShantiMayi who travels the world in Maharajji’s name to bring light to thirsting hearts. We learn about her meeting Maharajji, the circumstances of her enlightenment, the work she has undertaken since then and how some of her disciples came to her. 

This book was written to give the general public a glimpse of how certain realized Masters help man to meet the spiritual challenges that face humanity, both individually and collectively at this crucial time. The authors find it important for us to know about them, and cooperate in order to benefit from the present formative energies and not undergo them. Through the life and work of the past and present Masters of the lineage, we are given an idea of what a true realized Master is, especially avatars, and also what the spiritual path is like for disciples. 

One may be surprised that the book starts off with stories by the disciples, instead of immediately getting into the heart of the topic – “the dawn of a new consciousness”. This is probably because the authors realize that many people may not be interested in the lives of saints unless they are first convinced that these saints are true saints and have something to offer humanity. The authors have been at great pains to make their ideas clear, and at the end of the book we even find an extensive Glossary to help us understand Hindu concepts and vocabulary used. They have well succeeded in their endeavour through engrossing anecdotes recounted by disciples themselves, quotations from certain Masters and well explained examples. The Masters in the biographical sketches hold our full attention and inspire our respect and affection. The book is clear, well explained, easy to read and so captivating.

I highly recommend it to all.



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