Man’s Spiritual Path


Humanity as a Collective Disciple in this Era  

1. Man’s Spiritual Path



 Contrary to what one may think, humanity on the whole is evolving slowly but surely, and has a goal to meet. We are not just drifting here and there as the wind blows, but are following a well defined plan that leads to the goal humanity pursues. This goal is the perfection of man, and his merging with his Creator, God.


Humanity is one body, and we all go up this path together. However, many walk blindly, not knowing that there is a purpose to life. Indeed, man needs to more deeply explore the spiritual side of things; after all, we do realize that we are not just flesh and bones and a thinking mind, but also a spiritual being. What then is the consequence of this? How does this change our lives?


Each human being needs to ask himself questions like these and try to find answers. It is not enough to accept other people’s conclusions without working out the answers ourselves, otherwise we would only be trying to live our lives as other people think fit, and not really live from our hearts. There must be some reason why many people are so unhappy in life, and this is because they do not follow their hearts. When we reflect on what our lives are about, then our eyes begin to open, and we begin to follow our hearts.


The path to spiritual heights is often long and lonely, because everybody does not arrive at the above truth at the same time. Everybody does not wish or even find it necessary to live with their hearts. But when one keeps one’s eyes fixed on love, God and the goal, one is filled with such joy and happiness, in spite of the many difficulties one confronts that one accepts to make the necessary sacrifices. The climb to those heights necessitates faith and perseverance.


This spiritual ascent is not incompatible with everyday life. Indeed, it is the same life. There is not “spiritual life” on one hand, and “every day life” on the other. We daily live through situations which lead us to practise the spiritual truths we believe in. And life after life, we come back and learn a little more, gain more and more wisdom until one day, after consciously following the spiritual path, we realize that we have blossomed out into a highly spiritual being. And then at last, we live our lives much more abundantly.


The challenge which faces humanity today, is that everybody must reach a higher level of consciousness very rapidly, because the present cycle of energies pushes man to do so. The period of time which allows man to adapt is now drawing to a close, and it is necessary to help humanity to go back to the qualities of the heart so that all will be in harmony the new era coming in, a more spiritual era of brotherhood and sharing. Otherwise, people, by their thoughts and actions, will offer too great a resistance to the new energies and will undergo great hardships. That is the reason why very advanced Beings are now assisting humanity.






About Jyotiananda

Life is beautiful and should be lived fully. Living through our hearts does bring sunshine into our lives. Let this also shine out. I became a disciple of Shri Hans Raj Maharajji Sacha Baba in 1990. I pray that humanity will make the right choices and enter the new era harmoniously. Om Shri Sache Maha Prabhu Ki Jay !
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