Maharajji’s Prakash Diwash (Enlightenment Day) Message 3 October, 2008 (summary)

Enlightenment Day Message
 October 2008 (summary)
My souls …                                                                

That morning at 6 o’clock I saw a light. I saw the sun in which Sacha Baba was sitting. My body became hot. Then I saw all Mahapurush (Great Beings) : Rama, Shankar, Durga, all of Them.




One has to pay for things done in past lives. Saints all live for others. Saints do not belong to any religion. Saints follow the law of karma. Rama killed Bali from behind a tree. For that karma he had to pay. This karm phal [fruit of action] is very subtle.  


Guru’s Grace


“The Lord who resides in all, that One may I be given.” So prayed Sita, and she got married to Rama. On us is the veil of maya, [illusion] which we cannot take off on by ourselves. It is taken off with the help of Guru kripa [grace of the Guru] only. In my childhood, I used to visit a temple where the pujari [priest] used to say that you can ask for anything from the vanshi walla [the One with the flute, Lord Krishna] and you will get it. And if you ask to have Him, Himself, then you will get everything.


Sacha Baba Kulanandaji’s Promise


Our country used to import cereals. [Baba had asked me to collect food grains throughout the country for his ashram and if I succeeded, he would make a sankalpa so that India would be self-sufficient. This program was successfully achieved.] So all food needs were taken care of and Baba said that from then on there would be no shortage of food in India. That is why we are now self-sufficient in this country.


 The Great Transformation


The Parivartan is progressively taking place. Every year hundreds of thousands of people now die, and this is going to increase. Bhajans [devotional songs praising the Lord] will have to be done. Break the knots of your ego. You have to do it yourself, for the Guru only helps.

If the Parivartan takes place in a hard way, then 65% of the world population will die, and if it takes place with mercy, then 35% will go.

   A Worthy Life


We all have love for God. Baba has said to give people good food, and at the same time give them God. But one must also do his work. Today everyone is smart, they want everything. But everyone has to leave this world one day, and what will be left behind is his name. [whatever we get during our life, we will have to leave it when time comes to depart from this world. That is why I do not hoard anything.] You will be rewarded according to your deeds. Now come to your senses. God will make you free of your karma. He is not at all outside you. He is inside. Inside you there is hell, heaven and devaloka. Everything is inside. It does not make any difference if you are a Hindu or a Muslim. In winter, thousands of foreigners come in search of God.


Do bajans for an hour or two and so nothing will happen to you. Today, there are so many people suffering from cancer.


I will not pray for anyone now; the time for that is over. If you do not do bajans, you will die suffering.



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